Family style dinner, the new banquet concept

Family style dinner, the new banquet concept

There are so many different ways to serve dinner at your wedding reception depending on formality and costs. If you are opting for a casual wedding in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, family style dinner is definitely the perfect format that will make you say “I do!”.

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Family style dinner has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and we understand it, because it’s a party food that allows you to create a carnival of flavours that leaves no one indifferent. All of the meals are served on individual serving platters in the middle of each table, allowing guests to fill their own plate as they choose. This format enable you to  better personalize, choosing dishes that you personally love and represent the best of different cultures. 

In Spain “Tapas” are  good choice for a Family style dinner proposal. This small portions of food, are an important part of the Spanish way of eating (or I should say, the Spanish way of life). Briefly, the definition of tapas could be small plates to share. But the social meaning of tapas is much more deeper than that: it’s all about the pleasure of savoring not only food but friendship and happiness.

Family style service use to be faster, so the time dedicated to the meal is reduced, leaving more time for things like cake-cutting or open bar. You can play with the way that the food is served, combining different colors, shapes and materials.


Although it’s not as formal as an individual main course, it’s still being elegant because it’s a seated dinner where the fact of passing plates breaks the ice and creates a way to start the flow of a comfortable conversation. Choosing this unconventional option will give your wedding that much more style and uniqueness, and will give guests the sense that you really thought out the overall experience at your wedding, rather than just going through the motions and opting for something conventional. It’s just one more way to give your big day that special touch that guests will remember for years to come.

The Art, Love and Tradition of Sharing Food in Spain!