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Wedding destinations catering at Barcelona

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If you’re here, you have probably been captivated by the idea of celebrate your big day surrounded by your loved ones miles away from home. Planning a destination wedding can be an exciting adventure… what life be without them?

No better place than Barcelona to this end, a vibrant city with gorgeous villas, fantastic weather and the tastiest cuisine.

How Catering Works at a Destination Wedding

At this point, you must be asking yourself how to prepare a destination wedding plan and how catering works. You need to know that is very typical that villas don’t have in-house caterers. Far from being a disadvantage, is actually a great opportunity, due to Barcelona have fabulous catering companies specialised in this type of service. There is no doubt that hiring a catering who has worked or frequently works at your wedding venue can be an excellent choice.

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TIP: As soon as you have booked your wedding venue, you need to start considering suppliers for your reception. Narrow down a date early, will help you to choose your preferred date. You should be aware that when planning a destination wedding, there are some dates that are in high demand.

As you can imagine, food is undeniably one of the strong points of the whole event. Finding the right supplier will help you figure out with all the details to have the most special dinner you’ve ever had. At GAU we love destination weddings, and we are fortunate to have been helping couples plan their destination weddings for over 15 years.

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Travel for Destination Wedding Catering Tastings

One of the most fun parts of the planning process has arrived: the menu tasting. It often takes place months before your wedding day to play in plenty of time in case it’s necessary to make any adjustment to the final menu.

We always recommend to have a tasting session because it’s a great opportunity to taste the food, know the style of presentation and meet the team who will be on your wedding day.

What does a traditional catering wedding menu in Spain consist of?

From Gau Catering we don’t use to work with static menus, and the reason is simple: they limit you greatly. In the first contact with the engaged couple, we like to delve into what kind of food they love and what kind of celebration they would like to have on their big day, whether they opt for a more casual format or if a sit-down menu option is what they have always dreamed of.

We also consider very useful to know where guests are coming from, so we can suggest the most appropriate gastronomic proposal.

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Normally, couples who come to Barcelona come with the clear idea of trying the local cuisine, sometimes adding a personal touch, such as a favourite dish from their childhood or a nod to the typical food from their country, that possibly guests might not expect to find in Barcelona.

We tailor made our proposals according to each couple preferences and expectations.

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Schedule menu tastings

We absolutely love when we can receive our couples in our showroom to outline details of the gastronomic proposal as well as talk about the stating. It’s also a good time to review allergies or dietary restrictions. Keep in mind that the destination wedding catering needs to be notified in advance to have time to accommodate the best option.

However, sometimes the trip isn’t possible. But hey, you have nothing to worry about. We will be your best advisor so you can rest assured that on your day everything will be just as you have idealized.

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Questions to ask your caterer

Just one step away from enjoying the taste of Spain with your nearest ones, it will be very useful to rely on the local knowledge of your supplier. So please, don’t be shy and ask all the questions you can think of 🙂

Rely on the company’s most popular dishes, know the differences of reception styles or if they are in charge of the open bar may be good points to discuss.

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You’ll agree that sustainability is more important than ever. Would also interesting to know how committed the company you hire is. If environmental care is a must in your life. don’t make an exception on your wedding day.

At GAU we will make you feel at home, supporting you to get a meaningful celebration with the warmest service and the most surprising cuisine. Shall we start?

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