Our facilities: more sustainable, greener

Our facilities: more sustainable, greener

The new GAU Catering facilities are a reference in the sector. They have been designed using a Zero Waste and Low Carbon catering model and stand out for the sustainable measures in their construction.

The equipment and operations of the new kitchen seek to generate the least possible environmental impact and add value to its gastronomic offer.

Within the innovative project, the following initiatives stand out:


Native and reused plantsL'aire & Verd

L’Aira is an outdoor area that enhances urban greenery with native and aromatic plants that require little water and adapt to the climatic conditions of the city. A small “oasis” for customers and workers to enjoy the outdoors.

Verd is the space where we pamper the plants that come from our events and give them a second life.

El alma Our soul

GAU Catering has set up a very special space in its facilities. It is an area in which to promote communication, training and share R+D+I among our team.

GAU Don't go

At our new facilities, we have implemented initiatives to reduce food waste, such as offering customized menu options to avoid overeating, donating surplus food to local charities or to employees.

Sustainable transport Low Emission

Parking area for cars, bicycles and charging points to encourage the use of sustainable transportation for our distribution vehicles, employees, suppliers and customers.

Shining cateringSustainable lighting

The connecting corridors of all our spaces maximize the use of natural light. In addition, we use LED bulbs in the areas of high permanent consumption and light sensors in the passage areas that save energy. We also have timers in outdoor areas.

Technological innovationEfficient cooking

The machinery in our new facilities is more efficient to have a minimum impact on the environment. The refrigeration of the cold rooms is done with ecological refrigerants glycol and R290. Air conditioning is segmented by zones, with thermostats and efficient thermal insulation.

Zero km water
No plastic

We offer proximity water avoiding transportation and reducing CO2 emissions. We have eliminated the use of plastic bottles.

We have also installed flow reducers in common areas and the kitchen. Our washing equipment reduces the consumption of electricity, water and chemical products.

At events we have replaced individual plastic bottles with large glass bottles or water dispensers.

Wasting managementCircular catering

We recycle paper, cardboard, glass and toner cartridges in an area set up for their proper management. We also recycle used cooking oil and have an efficient waste management and recycling policy for kitchen waste.