Gastronomy and sustainability

Gastronomy and Sustainability

At GAU Catering we are committed to our community, our territory, and our team.
We work for a sustainable gastronomy, proximity, inclusive and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN in its agenda 2030.
We value cultural diversity as an “asset”, an enriching element that brings benefits.


What do we do in GAU Catering to be a reference as a sustainable catering company in the market?

We apply an efficient and sustainable model in all our processes and services. We adopt sustainable practices in all areas of the company, from food production and supply to daily operations. And we promote sustainability education and awareness to our staff, customers, and suppliers.

We assess our environmental impact and set realistic and achievable sustainability goals and targets.

At GAU Catering we pay special attention to diets and dietary restrictions. This reaffirms our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Attention to diets and dietary restrictions, together with the creation of inclusive environments and distinctive flavors, positions GAU Catering as one of the leading companies in Catalonia committed to culinary excellence and comprehensive customer satisfaction. At GAU Catering we offer society a gastronomy cooked in the culture of respect and social responsibility, innovating, and searching daily for alternative solutions that minimize our environmental impact.