Responsible catering

Responsible catering

At GAU Catering we recognize and take responsibility for our social, economic and environmental impact.

The adoption of ethical and moral standards in productivity is essential to ensure that the company not only achieves its business objectives, but also contributes positively to its environment. Some of the actions that GAU Catering incorporates to generate a positive impact are:

We promote
Equality and diversity in the company. We promote equal opportunities, respect, and inclusion in the workplace.
We raise awareness
And raise awareness through lectures and courses to foster a culture of sustainability among employees, suppliers and customers.
We investigate
And implement facility improvement actions, demonstrating a continuous commitment to operational efficiency and reduced environmental impact.
We communicate
Sustainability actions and achievements to employees, customers and other stakeholders. This not only helps to build a positive image of the company, but also aims to inspire others to take similar actions.
We encourage
In the supply chain to collaborate with local, responsible suppliers and to use seasonal food. This will not only reduce transportation costs and the carbon footprint of operations, but also ensure that food is fresher and healthier.
We support
The implementation of ethical and moral quality standards in productivity and commitment to transparent, fair, and socially responsible business practices.


Our facilities are now more sustainable and greener

GAU Catering’s new facilities have been designed using a Zero Waste and Low Carbon catering model, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability throughout the company’s supply chain and operations.