Biosphere Certified, the seal that shapes our sustainability

Biosphere Certified, the seal that shapes our sustainability

At GAU Catering we are very happy to have the Biosphere Certified seal, an internationally recognized seal awarded by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI), which accredits our work in accordance with the principles of sustainability and our social and environmental commitment.

This seal is a recognition to GAU Catering after more than a decade promoting responsible consumption and continuous improvement.

The Biosphere label is an opportunity to continue demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and our desire to commit to a more responsible consumption and lifestyle.

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The Biosphere seal is very easy to recognize: its shape is reminiscent of a flower whose petals change color. Its shades do not follow any pattern, but match the colors of the logo of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. That is, the 17 goals approved in 2015 with the aim of protecting the planet and improving the lives of all of us who inhabit it.

The Biosphere Certified label is awarded by the RTI (an independent organization created in 1995 with the support of UNESCO) to entities that make efforts to contribute to achieving these 17 objectives. Its purpose is to support, differentiate and give visibility to initiatives with sustainable practices.

To award these seals, an audit team verifies and analyzes the sustainable efforts implemented by each entity through an independent, objective, impartial and transparent methodology. Thus, only those entities that have demonstrated good practices and maintained them over time are awarded this seal of guarantee. 

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The use of zero kilometer products, the commitment to recycling or participation in solidarity projects are some of the initiatives that have led us to achieve the Biosphere Certified label. As Biosphere points out, our values are aligned with 15 of the 17 UN SDGs.


(SDG 1)

No poverty

It is estimated that, in Spain, more than 27% of the population is at risk of poverty or exclusion. To reduce these figures and promote social growth in our environment, from GAU Catering we collaborate with different programs and social projects.


(SDG 2)

Zero hunger

17% of all food produced is wasted in a world where hundreds of millions of people go hungry. As a sustainable catering company, reducing these figures is among our main objectives. That is why we take measures to avoid food waste and give priority and visibility to local agriculture initiatives and zero-kilometer products.

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(SDG 5)

Gender equality

Achieving real equality between men and women is one of the great challenges of our time. At GAU Catering we work to promote the empowerment of women in the workplace and ensure that our work systems guarantee respect among employees and gender equality.

sdg 5

(SDG 6)

Clean water and sanitation

In a world where one in four people do not have access to drinking water and where climate change threatens to increase this inequality, saving water is essential. Therefore, in all of GAU Catering’s facilities and events, our priority is to make efficient use of this resource.

sdg 6

(SDG 8)

Decent work and economic growth

With the aim of creating and maintaining decent jobs, at GAU Catering we facilitate work-life balance and, of course, protect the rights of our employees.

In addition, we give opportunities to people from disadvantaged groups and do our best to enable all GAU Catering employees to improve their conditions.

sdg 8

(SDG 12)

Responsible consumption and production

Encouraging sustainable consumption and production patterns is a fundamental objective for a sustainable and environmentally friendly catering company. Through our best practices we seek to promote the 3Rs: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, as well as adopting measures to minimize waste.


(SDG 13)

Climate action

The science is clear: global temperature today is 1.1ºC higher than before the Industrial Revolution and is likely to reach 1.5ºC in the coming decades. All this translates into droughts, heat waves and more extreme storms, among other consequences.

To reduce our impact on climate change, at GAU Catering we measure and offset the carbon footprint of our activity.

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For GAU Catering, this distinction is a form of recognition and, at the same time, a reason to continue improving. It is presented as an invitation to make increasingly responsible decisions with our society and our planet.

And it reminds us, once again, that the union between sustainability and gastronomy can be synonymous with good practices and memorable experiences.